Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project

Harrison Greenberg Foundation Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project

We are grateful to partner with the Harrison Greenberg Foundation and the City of Manhattan Beach to create a state of the art educational aquarium. The planning stages began in November 2015 and the renovation completed in November 2018. The funding for the Harrison Greenberg Foundation Roundhouse Aquarium Beautification Project was used to completely transform the interior of the Roundhouse. The footprint of the Roundhouse Aquarium has remained the same. When you enter the new Roundhouse Aquarium Teaching Center, a fully immersive experience awaits you.  In addition to a more beautiful looking aquarium inside, the Roundhouse will be more efficient and functional.  The changes will improve the experience for our visitors, volunteers, and students alike.

Aquarium Entrance
Photo: CambridgeSeven, Design Architects

Upstairs of the Aquarium
Photo: CambridgeSeven, Design Architects

New Sea Jelly Tank Display

Downstairs Touch Tank Display

For information about the Harrison Greenberg Foundation, or to donate to the project, please visit their website

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