Class Sponsorship

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[paragraph]Help the Roundhouse educate students by sponsoring a class field trip. Class sponsors are recognized by a plaque on our donor boards at the aquarium’s entrance.

Our 3-hour field trip costs $225 for up to 30 students, or $450 for 31-60 students. Many schools are not able to afford this cost, and their students need your help to attend this valuable educational field trip. For more information on the 3-hour field trip experience, please click here.

If you would like to sponsor a specific class or school, please let us know on your donation form. We also need sponsorships for low-income schools. Please indicate your sponsorship wish on your donation form, or in the comment section if you are donating on-line.

For more information about class sponsorships, please call the Roundhouse at 310-379-8117 and ask for Dawn or Valerie