Our Team

Brittney Olaes


Volunteer and Education Coordinator

Brittney joined the Roundhouse family in 2012 as a part time Aquarist and Educator. In 2014, she moved into her current position. She received her BS degree in Marine Biology at California State University, Long Beach. Her fondest memory of CSULB was attending a semester on Catalina Island, where she was able to conduct her own scientific study on the behavioral effects of purple sea urchins in the presence of California spiny lobsters. In college, Brittney also worked as an educator teaching at-risk youth about college, life skills, and careers, which ignited her desire to become more active in the community. She is currently the Vice President of the RotarAct organization, where she merges her passion for the sea and her passion towards service. One of her favorite events involves taking blind rehabilitation veterans to aquariums, where they can learn about the ocean and its animals in a more tactile manner. Beyond just her workplace, she can truly call the Roundhouse Aquarium home.

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