Welcome back! The Roundhouse Aquarium is now open!
Reservations are no longer required. Guests will be checked in at the front door.
Please notes that masks are still required to enter the aquarium.


Public Hours Update:

Friday, October 22 open from 1:30-3:30pm.

Saturday, October 23 open from 11:45am-5:30pm.

 Be an Ocean Hero and help students put the SEA in Science

Help youth from under-resourced communities to visit the coast and experience the magic of the ocean at the Roundhouse Aquarium! Support by becoming a fundraiser or donating to the cause.

Green Sea Turtle Sticker

The Roundhouse Aquarium is committed to providing ocean science education for all.





The Board of Directors for the Oceanographic Teaching Stations, Inc. (OTS) is proud of its long history of providing education equity for underserved children. Many of the young students who have attended our marine science classes are from disadvantaged or low-income families, or attend Title I schools. These marine science classes teach the children about the sea animals that live off our coast and the importance of protecting their environment from pollution. 

Since providing education equity for underserved children has historically been a priority for OTS, OTS hereby formally adopts a policy of providing educational equity for underserved children when providing free marine science classes at either the Roundhouse Aquarium or at schools. These OTS onsite and outreach classes provide access to underserved children and Title I schools that greatly benefit these children in their understanding of marine science.



Fun for students of all ages!


Discover the wonders of the ocean.


Immerse and experience the ocean.


Connect closer and inspire.

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