Hello Manhattan Beach! Sunshine, Surf, Holiday Fun, Philanthropy

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — Beachside Manhattan Beach is bustling today as folks get out to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, scenic ocean views, and all that Manhattan Beach is! Just this morning, a socially distanced line wound down the sidewalk near Becker’s Bakery and diners were out enjoying meals at Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, Homie, The Kettle, Simmzy’s, Manhattan Pizzeria, Ercoles, Sloopy’s Beach Cafe, North End Caffe, OBs Pub & Grill, Wild Cafe and Pancho’s.

Here are a few things going on in Manhattan Beach:

Donate money online [as little as $5 will make a difference] or in person at Bella Beach Kids, 225 Manhattan Beach Boulevard in Downtown Manhattan Beach [near Simmzy’s and Starbucks], today and tomorrow to help Bella Beach Owner Kris D’Errico, who grew up in Manhattan Beach, purchase toys for children of MB restaurant workers. D’Errico already has some of the toy manufacturers she buys from who have stepped up to donate toys and through tomorrow [Sunday, Dec. 20], 10% of all purchases from Bella Beach will go toward buying toys for these kids who range in ages from babies to 12 years old. Donation links, Bella Beach phone number in following post: RELATED: Bella Beach Toy Drive For Manhattan Beach Restaurant Workers Kids

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