Horn Shark

Heterodontus francisci:

Horn sharks can be identified by the two horns that they have on each dorsal fin. Those horns are used for protection against predators. Horn sharks lay spiral shaped eggs that the mother pushes into the sand or in between rocks to camouflage. 


Hypsypops rubicundus: No other fish is more iconic to Southern California than the garibaldi. Whether you are snorkeling in the rocky reef off the Palos Verdes Peninsula or stepping on the dock at Catalina, these fish are plentiful. The garibaldi's bright orange color...


Semicossyphus pulcher: Sheephead have a very interesting life history. When they are first born, all Sheephead are female. As they get older, the largest female in the group will become male and control that group of females. The Sheephead we have in the tank is a...

Leopard Shark

Traikis semifasciata: Leopard sharks are one of the more common sharks in Southern California waters. They generally live in or just beyond the surf zone or even venture into mudflats to feed on clams, crabs, and worms. Leopard sharks can be seen during the summer in...

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