Roundhouse Aquarium Travels Globe Without Leaving Manhattan Beach

MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — Some 300 students from Ugdam School for Children and Zebar School in western India will tune in virtually to learn about marine animals, ocean life and the Roundhouse Aquarium today [Friday, Oct. 9], said Grace Adams, executive director of the Oceanographic Teaching Stations, Inc., the non-profit group that operates and manages the Roundhouse Aquarium.

The program is sponsored by funding from the Harrison Greenberg Foundation. “Technology allows the Roundhouse Aquarium to share its ocean science knowledge to people across the globe,” said Adams. “We are excited to be able to educate people of all ages across the globe about the importance of our ocean resources. We are grateful to our funding partners to be able to inspire our global community about our tidelands, beaches and oceans.”

The program will take place live at the Roundhouse Aquarium and the students from India will hear from the aquarium’s marine scientists, take a virtual tour of the aquarium and discover marine animals that live in Santa Monica Bay.

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