Daniel Genuth

Daniel has been with the Roundhouse Aquarium since January 2018 when he started volunteering during the second half of his senior year of high school. In December 2018 Daniel was hired as a Public Education Assistant to interact with guests that come into the aquarium during public hours.

 Using the Manhattan Beach pier as a research station, Daniel studies the local populations of bottlenose dolphin, alongside the aquarium Aquarist, Eric Martin. Sometimes Daniel can be found with Eric on Eric’s boat, filming whales and dolphins. He uses his footage to produce educational videos to display in the aquarium.

In addition to the aquarium, Daniel is a volunteer naturalist on whale watching boats with the American Cetacean Society. He has always had an affinity for the ocean and its life within. He will tell you that his passion is partially due to his baby nursery being dolphin-themed! In the future, Daniel aims to find a career in marine mammal research and/or education.

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