Dawn Martin

Dawn joined the Roundhouse as a volunteer in 2001, starting as the cook for summer camp on Catalina Island. She attended El Camino College for a travel agent certificate, and that led her to work in corporate travel. For a number of years she was a travel consultant for Beach Travel in Hermosa Beach. Her love for the ocean drew her close to the Roundhouse–not to mention that her husband, Eric, worked there and her son, Cody, spent a great deal of time there from an early age.

For a while she worked part time in travel and part time doing office work for the Aquarium. Now she works full time for the Aquarium. Dawn books the Roundhouse classes, as well as birthday parties and other events. She also assists with tank sponsorship, grants and donations. If you don’t see her at the Roundhouse, she is out on the water with Eric and Cody, documenting whales and dolphins in the Santa Monica Bay.

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