Eric Martin

Eric has been with the Roundhouse Aquarium since the year 2000. He started as an Aquarist Assistant and moved his way up to Co-director in 2004. He has nearly 30 years of teaching experience. In 2011 Eric was honored with the American Meteorological Society’s award for Outstanding Non-Formal Educator for his great teaching at the Roundhouse.

Prior to the Roundhouse, Eric worked for many years as an educator in the animal care unit at the former Marineland of the Pacific. Since then, he has been working in conjunction with the Center for Whale Research on the orca project and with Cascadia Research working on blue whale and humpback projects.

Eric continues with his work by taking his boat and camera out often to document the whales and dolphins that roam in the Santa Monica Bay. The Roundhouse uses his footage for field trips and to help educate the children about the wonders of the ocean.

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